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Welcome To Global Style………


The Luxe Colore team meticulously selects fabulous brands and products to showcase on Luxe Colore, thereby empowering these designers to connect with new customers like yourself.  We want to inspire you with unique statement pieces and designs. Luxe Colore more than a shopping website, is a lifestyle! We work hard to link you to fabulous garments, limited editions, and beautiful head turning pieces.  Luxe Colore embraces the trendsetters who have a confident attitude and graceful panache. Embrace your global Style!


Our Vision

Luxe Colore’s vision is be an authoritative source for fashion forward consumers to shop fabulously talented  designers of color within fashion, skincare, accessories, and decor as well as globally conscious brands.

Luxe Colore - Adha Zelma

Our Mission

The mission of Luxe Colore is: to directly and powerfully impact the lack of diversity within the fashion industry via e-commerce and unique events.