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Luxe Spotlight: Engineered For Motion

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Engineered For Motion (EFM) by Donrad Duncan, is modern, luxury menswear brand that prides themselves on inspiring a movement of fashion-forward men.

Each of the brand’s pieces combine intricate detail and design as well as innovative technology and features to push the boundaries in the high-end menswear industry and to create a style of apparel EFM describes as “do more with less.” The men who wear EFM apparel will experience ultimate comfort while still projecting an urban minimalist aesthetic.

EFM continuously collaborates with Chinese based luxury sportswear brand Trinovation Labs to produce new materials and means of clothing construction with the intent to make the EFM brand stand out from the various menswear clothing lines on the market today.

A pivotal figure in the development of EFM is Donrad Duncan. For 15 years, he has been highly regarded for his innovations in fabrics, silhouettes, and hardware and is the only designer to have access to the archives of legendary designer Massimo Osti. Additionally, Duncan was honored in February 2016 with the Rising Star Award for Menswear by Fashion Group International. Currently, he works to push EFM to integrate cutting edge elements such as, unique fabrics and construction into the apparel to introduce the concept of “advanced luxury” to male consumers.
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