Luxe Spotlight: Saoul Vanderpool of Heed Magazine

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Luxe Spotlight: Saoul Vanderpool of Heed Magazine

Saoul Vanderpool _ Luxe Colore

Saoul Vanderpool certainly has a full resume! Saoul began his 13 year career in creative marketing and publishing as a creative services assistant for companies such as BET and Reuters International.

He currently serves as the Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Heed Media, an online platform that creates pop-culture driven content to a multi-ethnic demographic distributed via various media channels. We chatted with Saoul about his inspirations, art, and future plans. Read on to see what Saoul had to say!

1) Who are what has inspired you?

I’m inspired by family, art/culture and spirituality. For me, they are at the core of all that I do in life.

2) The evolution of your art?

Art in its’ basic meaning is a skill resulting from knowledge and practice. My evolution therefore includes keeping an “open-mind” with an ever-learning approach to my various crafts. Whenever given the opportunity, I’m constantly exploring new ways to “create” while honing my previous acquired abilities. Trial and error play a huge role in my artistic evolution.

3) Where do you see yourself in the future?

Happy, healthy and prosperous in every since of the word. I see my work impacting the world around me in a meaningful way.

About Heed Magazine

Who We Are

We are a pop-culture driven media outlet with content geared specifically for a cult-ethnic demographic.  We distribute this content across all your favorite platforms — web, mobile, print and live events — to ensure you not only get the information you want, but consume it in the way you want.

We Celebrate Diversity!

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