North Carolina-born Curtis Walls is a man that wears many hats. His lengthy resume boasts a professional football career. He is co-founder of a non-profit and is also the founder of a marketing and entertainment company and a production company. Walls also went on to become a sports performance coach, training elite and professional athletes. Today, he works at NASCAR as a Pit Crew Sports Performance Coach and active Tire Changer. In addition to his booming career in the sports industry, Walls has launched the Become. Inspire. Empower brand, a line of fitness and leisure apparel for men and women.

What inspired Walls to start his athleisure brand? “Become. Inspire. Empower. was my personal mantra,” Walls said. “Every year, I would host festivals and youth summits for hundreds of community members and needed to cut the cost on shirts I provided free for my volunteers and youth. So, I invested in my own print machines and press. One day, I decided to throw my mantra on a few shirts and wear them around the city. I immediately started getting inquiries about where to buy the shirts from. And slowly, but surely, I launched a full online shopping experience. The rest is history.”

All of the pieces in the Become. Inspire. Empower brand are emblazoned with inspiring phrases and distinct logos. For Walls, this was an intentional choice. “I picked the apparel based on what meant the most to me in my life –– the thoughts and concepts govern my day to day beliefs and actions,” the founder explained.

“I believe the biggest impact we can have on the world is understanding our deepest thoughts and interests and knowing we are not alone. There are others who believe what you believe. There are others who think what you think. There are others who have been through adversities like you. This approach and philosophy wasn’t just a moment of clarity. It was an intentional reflection of the concepts and philosophies I built my world around, including my mantra, Black excellence and being a praying man.”

Walls also shared that after he made his professional coaching career public on social media, he launched the You Vs Yourself (YVY) and We Got Goals brand, which also offer fitness and leisure apparel.

When we asked Walls about his goals for the brand, he told us he plans to scale the brand to be larger than ever. “I have experienced a lot of success with my brands, however, I’ve been patient and careful not to prematurely scale,” he said. “I’ve learned that a brand can reach a high level of success by adopting the ‘less is more’ approach. Don’t do too much, just find something that sticks and perfect your systems and customer service. I believe my brand can become an adopted lifestyle for all of the world to embrace. It breaks barriers and allows folks to wear it in all facets of their life –– to work under a blazer, to the gym, socially, or just to the grocery store.”

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