Luxe Colore _ Marz Republik

Antoine Kelly is the principle stylist with Marz Republik, an image consulting firm that caters to professional athletes as well as fashion minded women and men.

Kelly grew to love all things fashion back in Chicago, Illinois. He expressed that, “The Art Institute of Chicago was where all my dreams of being in fashion started. Our school was located in the West Loop of Chicago “The Merchandise Mart”. I literally was introduced to a plethora of buyers, brands, and boutiques. In school we liked to call it BBB. Taking classes on how to start your own business or how to network with the industries top of the line fashion professionals was a great way to develops myself and my own brand.”

After getting into the fashion industry in Chicago, Kelly continued to pursue his passion for clothing by working for companies such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Versace. He says that his inspiration for being in the fashion world is, “Being able to evolve with fashion everyday and how it has put a huge impact on my life today. Fashion can change someone’s persona making them feel and seem important, sexy, and knowledgeable. Society still today looks at someone for what they look like as soon as the see them and we tend to judge people by how they dress. I don’t think that perception will ever end that’s what keep us interested in fashion. Being able to understand what your body conforms to and what best work for your everyday lifestyle is a huge inspiration for me. I could say Kanye is my inspiration but I’m sure that one has already been taken LOL!

Luxe Colore _ Marz Republik

When asked what he hopes to accomplish in the future Antoine said, “In the future I see myself as the next June Ambrose but I will only cater myself to a particular niche. I will have an agency for that particular niche as well. I not only want to style individuals I want them to understand what fashion really is and how it will impact and inspire their lives going forward with it. Nowadays, I see stylists styling there clients and the outfit may be hot or not lol but it doesn’t work for the individuals body type. That just kills me to see that!! My agency will be very educational and inspirational when future clients sign with – M.A.R.Z Republik “Men and Real Style”.

Here is a peek at this fab stylists portfolio!

Luxe Colore _ Marz RepublikLuxe Colore _ Marz RepublikLuxe Colore _ Marz Republik