Luxe Colore Photo Requirements

To make your products look great on the, we ask that you share with us your highest quality images available.

You can upload as many images as you like to and email them to Please keep the following details in mind when uploading images:

1. The higher the resolution the better!

2.Images cannot be smaller than 740×740 pixels.

3.Images that are 1240×1240 resolution or higher give the online user the ability to zoom into your product.

4. Four images per item can be displayed on website, so the more images you send the better! We need at least 2 photos.

5.No watermarks or signatures on any of the photos sent in.

6. Please send both product images and environmental shots if available.

7. Please label each image with the appropriate product name corresponding to your sale.

8. We will need a mini bio and a head shot

You will be sent an excel spreadsheet where you will add pricing, item descriptions, etc. which needs to coincide with all photos that are sent.