About The Founder….Tanya Sotillo

Tanya Sotillo Owner Luxe Colore

Luxe Colore is the brainchild of Owner and Founder Tanya Sotillo. Tanya has always sought out new and unique beauty products for her naturally curly hair. She quickly realized this could be a daunting process if one did not know where to search.  Moreover, during her search she found that there are fabulous products made my men and women of color who truly understand her haircare needs.  She believed there needed to be an easier way to make these products readily available to interested parties; therefore giving birth to the idea of Luxe Colore!

Tanya’s vision came to life after reading an Essence article that described the difficulties designers of color experienced while attempting to grow their brands.  Tanya was determined to develop a shopping experience that linked exceptional specialty products and designers to a larger market.  She decided to develop an online platform that empowered designers of color, as well as businesses, with a globally conscious ethos.  After much research and determination Luxe Colore became a reality!  Luxe Colore is a carefully and thoughtfully curated shopping experience that welcomes the globally chic, audacious, and unique shopper.  Luxe Colore….Welcome To Global Style!